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Born from a passion for wine and to meet the exacting standards of wine professionals, Vintec climate-controlled cellars are designed to recreate the perfect storage conditions found in only the best natural underground cellars.

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All Vintec models are designed to meet the 5 Pillars of Wine Storage

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Used and trusted by top chefs and sommeliers, wineries and wine merchants

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All our products are thoroughly tested and are backed by a dedicated customer care team

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We love sharing our passion for wine and enriching your wine journey via unique wine experiences

About Vintec

Designed in Denmark to suit the modern lifestyle, Vintec wine cabinets are chosen by leading interior designers, discerning wine lovers and entertainers, and wine industry professionals.

The Vintec 5 Pillars of Wine Storage

Every wine lover should be able to enjoy their wines in the ideal conditions, as originally intended by the winemaker.

Drinking wine at the wrong temperature or that has been poorly stored for years will provide a completely different experience, and most definitely, not a pleasant one.

Let us show you how we protect your wine.

OENO by Vintec App

OENO by Vintec is our virtual cellar management app and personal sommelier developed by Vintec and powered by Vivino. 

With OENO, wine lovers can effortlessly keep track of which wines they have, where they are located in their cellar(s) and know how to enjoy them at their best.


Vintec's Year-End Promotions

From redeeming Burgundy wines worth up to SGD690, to the best value on popular STAR BUY models, there's something for everyone with Vintec's Year-End Promotions. Click below for more details.

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Used and trusted by top chefs, 
sommeliers and wineries

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Elevate your wine experience

The Vintec Club is a private club for owners of Vintec wine cellars.

The club is fully focused on providing educational content, exclusive benefits and unique wine experiences to enrich and support our members along their wine journeys, while connecting them with other like-minded people.

Register your cellar now to join the club.

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