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Do All Wines Age Well? Do All Wines Age Well?
Of course, some wines don’t improve with age, but if you’re reading this, you’re likely to appreciate the wine that does.
Six expert tips for cellar care Six expert tips for cellar care
As with any household items, housekeeping is essential for the long-term efficiency of your wine cabinet. It’s also the perfect opportunity to reorganise your cellar based on your “drink now” and “drink later” wines, and to update your Vintec Club virtual cellar management tool.
What’s corked wine? What’s corked wine?
Widely discussed but often misunderstood, cork taint is a single, specific wine fault. Here’s how to identify corked wine – and what you can do about it. Without realizing it, you have probably tasted corked wine. You might have eaten corked bananas too, or even drunk corked coffee. In each case, the same culprit is responsible, a malodorous chemical known as TCA, or trichloroanisole.
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