35 Bottle Single-Zone
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35 Bottle Single-Zone

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Easy: 35
Max: 35

35 bottle single zone cellaring OR serving wine cabinet for red and white wines

Features & benefits

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Scandinavian Design

Vintec products are designed in Denmark and Sweden, with sustainably-sourced premium white oak shelves, fingerprint-proof acid-etched and edge-to-edge glass doors, no protruding handles, minimal touch control panels, signature red bumpers on shelves, and diffused LED lighting throughout.
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Stable Temperature

Our wine cabinets maintain a stable temperature to keep your wine in perfect cellaring conditions. This is thanks to the Triple Glazed, UV treated, insulated side panels and interactions between a compressor and thermostat.
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Humidity above 50%

Our wine cabinets incorporate a Thermal Recycling Pump that ensures adequate humidity levels are maintained. The Thermal Recycling Pump works by heating condensed water, which is then introduced as humid air within the cabinet.
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UV Protected Dark Storage Area

UV rays negatively impact the quality of your wine. Our cabinets eliminate this threat by incorporating UV treated tinted glass doors or solid doors, dark interiors and dimmed internal LED lights.
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Vibration Reduction System

To protect the storage life and quality of your wine, our cabinets have been designed to create a vibration proof environment by including an externally housed compressor, rubber shock absorbers and vibration absorbing wooden shelves.
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Quality Air Flow

Our cabinets include internal and external fans to ensure there is a slow reticulated air flow throughout the cabinet
LED Digital Display Panel
Energy Efficient R600a Gas



  • Main Function Cellar Reds & Whites
  • Alternate Function Serve Reds OR Whites
  • No of Zones 1
  • Temperature Range Zone 1 (deg) 6 - 18
  • Temperature Range Zone 2 (deg) N/A
  • Temperature Range Zone 3 (deg) N/A
  • Door Construction Triple Glazed, UV treated
  • Installation Type Cannot be placed underbench
  • DomesticWarrantySG 1
  • WarrantyExtensionsSG + 12 mths for VC members
  • Product Installation Freestanding Only
  • Easy Capacity (Bottles) 35
  • Max Capacity (Bottles) 35
  • Handle Recessed
  • Door Type Glass Door
  • Finish Classic Black


  • Height (mm) 840
  • Width (mm) 493
  • Depth (mm) 588
  • Joinery cut out dimension- minimum h Freestanding Only
  • Joinery cut out dimension- minimum w Freestanding Only
  • Joinery cut out dimension- minimum d Freestanding Only
  • Air space above cabinet (mm) 200
  • Air space at sides (mm) 200
  • Rear Spacer (mm) 30