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You love to entertain at home and it’s important that your guests are well received. Vintec Wine Cabinets are designed to suit the modern lifestyle. Have your best wines on hand at perfect serving temperatures ready to be enjoyed, or cellar your treasured collection with confidence.

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Bottle Capacity
40 300
Height (mm)
0 0
Width (mm)
0 0
Depth (mm)
0 0

41 bottle Single-Zone wine cellaring cabinet (for all wines) or serving cabinet (for whites OR reds). Equipped with Vintec Perfect Cradle™ Shelving.

Easy: 41
Max: 41
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Single Zone

44 bottle Dual-Zone cellaring & serving wine cabinet: one zone can be used for serving whites and the other for reds, or one zone can be used for cellaring/aging all wines. Equipped with Vintec Perfect Cradle™ Shelving.

Easy: 44
Max: 44
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Dual Zone

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