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Great wines are crafted with an obsession for quality at each step of the production process: from viticulture through oenology to maturation, not a single phase can be overlooked. The first two steps are in the hands of professional winemakers, but serious collectors, sommeliers and merchants know that they accept responsibility for successful long-term maturation.

They also know that Vintec climate-controlled cellars are the most reliable tools for ensuring their collections are protected. Created to meet standards of excellence born from a love of wine, they recreate the ideal storage conditions found only in the best natural underground cellars. Whether you have dusty cases under your stairs or an investment grade collection, Vintec has the range of capacities and styles to ensure your wine can be enjoyed at its best for many years to come.

Vintec Australia is the exclusive importer of Danish-designed Vintec wine cabinets and French hand-built Transtherm wine cabinets, which both provide the optimal storage conditions for wine. Distributed nationally through electrical appliance retailers, they are recommended by top Australian wine critics and specified by leading architects and interior designers for use in their projects.

About Vintec


The Vintec brand was created in 2000 by two entrepreneurial Frenchmen who shared a common love for wine. They leveraged their previous experience with the Transtherm luxury wine cabinets brand to collaborate with Danish designers and manufacturers to introduce a range of stylish, functional and accessible wine preservation systems.


Transtherm wine cabinets and cellars are renowned as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of wine preservation solutions. The entire product range is hand-built in France, with strict quality assurance applied at every step of the production cycle.

What Wine Critics Are Saying About Vintec

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