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Vintec wine cabinets can offer proper storage for anywhere between 20 to 4000 plus bottles from small under bench Home Wine Bars, to built-in Walk-In Cellars and are designed to recreate the perfect storage conditions found in the best natural underground cellars. They are designed using technology that eliminates temperature variations which could denature your wines, maintain humidity levels above 50%, so corks don't dry and crack and keep UV light away from your wine, with specially treated tinted glass doors.

Dan Murphy's Double Bay

This store was designed to be unlike any other, offering such a large and unique range of wines, Champagne, spirits and beers that one can only think of it as a temple dedicated to every alcoholic beverage ever invented by man. 

Bistrot Gavroche

Located in the former brewery area of Chippendale where a series of restaurants buzz with a cosmopolitan crowd, Bistrot Gavroche is an almost exact replica of La Brasserie in Singapore for the travellers familiar with that city.

Rockpool 1989 - Sydney

Just as elegant and striking as Neil Perry’s cuisine, the interiors of Rockpool Est. 1989 were designed with the same masterful approach that Neil uses to create unforgettable dining experiences. Likewise, only the most reliable and state-of-the-art appliances and technology were selected for the restaurant to the standards of the world renowned chef.