About Transtherm

Transtherm wine cabinets and cellars are renowned as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of wine preservation solutions. The entire product range is hand-built in France, with strict quality assurance applied at every step of the production cycle. Transtherm owners are connoisseurs of, and experts in, wine selection, maturation and appreciation, whether for personal or professional use. They include passionate domestic owners, award-winning sommeliers and leading wine merchants.



Transtherm’s heritage of quality and innovation traces back to an idea in the mind of an engineer working in the refrigeration division of a company producing kitchens for the TGV high-speed trains in Europe.  After more than a decade of evolution, the brand was then introduced to the Australasian market in 1998 by two entrepreneurial Frenchmen where it has gone on to become the undisputed leader in its class.


Transtherm eclipses its competitors by offering exceptional build quality and functionality across all its products. Notable features include reinforced steel body frames, as well as adjustable and fully extendable shelving (even when loaded). They offer outstandingly precise temperature control and segmentation, as well as sophisticated presentation for your premium collection.