V306 Premium Series 180 Bottle Single/Multitemp Wine Cabinet
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V306 Premium Series 180 Bottle Single/Multitemp Wine Cabinet

Temp Icon Multi Temp
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Easy: 150
Max: 180

Elegant and versatile wine cabinet that can be set as a Multi-Temp, for serving different styles/varietals at perfect drinking temperatures, or as Single-Zone, for cellaring all wine varietals. Designed to fit all main wine bottles shapes and sizes comfortably, this product is equipped with fully extendable telescopic shelves for easy access and visibility of your wines.

Features & benefits

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Vintec Perfect Cradle™ Shelving

Showcase your entire collection with our fully-extendable, wide-slat, premium white oak shelving. Unlike most wine cabinets, the Vintec Perfect Cradle™ Shelving is designed with ideal spacing between shelves to accommodate ALL 750ml bottle types – even your favorite Champagne – without scratching the labels.
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Vintec Pillar 1: Stable Temperature

Temperature fluctuations can denature your wines. Most wine cabinets have compressors that run periodically causing temperature fluctuations, but Vintec cabinets have an efficient, variable-speed compressor that runs consistently to maintain the precise temperature you set.
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Vintec Pillar 2: Humidity Above 50%

Retain moisture in your wine corks with humidity levels above 50%, keeping damaging air out of your wines.
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Vintec Pillar 3: UV-Proof Dark Storage Area

Protect wines from light damage with dark interiors and UV-blocking glass.
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Vintec Pillar 4: Vibration-Proof Environment

Wine is protected from premature deterioration with vibration-absorbing wooden shelves, rubber shock absorbers and a low vibration, variable-speed compressor.
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Vintec Pillar 5: Optimized Airflow

Maintain a fresh, odor-free cabinet with Vintec's efficient air circulation system and a powerful air filter to ensure a constant, slow flow of filtered air throughout the cabinet to limit odors from penetrating your wine and mold from growing and damaging labels and corks.
Audio & Visual alert
Humidity recycling system
LED digital display panel
Security lock
Energy Efficient R600a Gas
Winter function for cold climates



  • Main Function Serve wide range of varietals
  • Alternate Function Serve or cellar
  • No of Zones Mono/Multizone
  • Temperature Range Zone 1 (deg) 5C - 20C
  • Temperature Range Zone 2 (deg) N/A
  • Temperature Range Zone 3 (deg) N/A
  • Door Construction Double layer low E with Argon gas
  • Installation Type Freestanding
  • Product Installation Freestanding only
  • Easy Capacity (Bottles) 150
  • Max Capacity (Bottles) 180
  • Handle Integrated
  • Door Type Glass Door
  • Finish Black Alloy


  • Height (mm) 1940
  • Width (mm) 705
  • Depth (mm) 700
  • Weight Unloaded 155 Kg