Rockpool Est. 1989

Just as elegant and striking as Neil Perry’s cuisine, the interiors of Rockpool Est. 1989 were designed with the same masterful approach that Neil uses to create unforgettable dining experiences.

Likewise, only the most reliable and state-of-the-art appliances and technology were selected for the restaurant to meet the standards of this world renowned chef. When it comes to storing and serving wine, Neil Perry chooses to work with Vintec and Transtherm.

When Neil decided to create RockPool Est. 1989, designer Grant Cheyne approached Vintec to help conceive wine storage solutions for two different locations in the restaurant. On the lower level, Grant selected in consultation with Rockpool’s sommelier five Vintec 170 bottle climate-controlled wine cellars. With top-to-bottom LED lighting, the Danish-made cabinets are an impressive showcase, visible immediately upon entering the restaurant.

On the upper floor, a climate-controlled “Grant cellar” was built, fully enclosed in glass, to cellar the restaurant’s historic wine collection. Vintec and Grant selected the shelving system used in the luxury Transtherm Espace walk-in cellar.

The shelving was ordered from France, and a total of 13 bays and 156 shelves were used to complete the “Grant cellar”.

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Rockpool Est. 1989
Rockpool Est. 1989
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