Four tips for your wine collection

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Four key points to remember when selecting wine to cellar:
Four tips for your wine collection

1. Taste for balance

This is the most important factor in choosing wine that will age well. If any single component – alcohol, oak, acid or tannins seams to overpower the other, they will only become more pronounced and unpleasant with age.

However, if the wine has lots of everything, in equally and appealing amounts, then a few years in the cellar will help the wine integrate.

2. Read a little

Discover the classic regions with their established producers and good vintages. When you’re starting out, these will give you the framework to build the foundations of a solid collection. This information is easily found by reading recognized writers – James Halliday, Jeremy Oliver, Huon Hooke, Nick Stock or Campbell Mattinson in Australia, or through magazines such as Wine Spectator if you looking further afield.

3. Take risks

Once you’ve established the base of your collection with a few cellar staples, it’s time to branch out. Check out new varieties, and keep tasting. ‘Play the ball and not the man’ and begin to trust your own palate rather than always checking with the critics.

4. Remember to have a range of bottles on-hand for any occasion and to go with any food

Having the option to serve a dry and crisp white with oysters, a powerful red with a braised meat dish, or an elegant sweet wine with desert is true luxury, so make sure you have a good balance between bottles.

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